Product Roadmap

Industry demand drives QuasarGeo’s product development plans, prioritization, and pace of development. New products are created collaboratively with survey contractors and oil companies alike. QuasarGeo works closely with both parties to identify needs and define technical requirements. Joint development projects and joint industry projects are welcome.

QSource: QuasarGeo has experimented with a new type of marine source antenna configuration that could decrease source dipole impedance to 10 mΩ or less, which may enable a 10,000-amp source for maximum power, or enable a downsized source to maximize operational efficiencies and portability.

Towed EM: Towed electromagnetic sensor systems could be utilized to image the shallow subsurface to improve modeling for node-based EM surveys and/or be used for gas hydrate hazard evaluation prior to drilling. QuasarGeo believes its proprietary capacitive electric field sensors could improve the quality of data acquired as part of a moving platform.

Airborne EM: QuasarGeo's parent company, Quasar Federal Systems, has developed a number of airborne systems for government applications that utilize both electric and magnetic field sensors for government applications.

Reservoir Monitoring: QuasarGeo’s proprietary capacitive electric field sensors and low-power electronics enable very long-term ocean-bottom data collection deployments that could open the door to offshore reservoir monitoring.

Miscellaneous: QuasarGeo would like to be involved as a supplier and/or development partner for all types of EM sensor systems for geophysical applications. Opportunities to integrate our technologies with new methods and platforms are welcome.

Research & Development

QuasarGeo has a strong tie to its sister companies – QUASAR, Quasar Federal Systems and Electronic Bio Sciences. As part of a collective, QuasarGeo has unfettered access to the broad and deep scientific and engineering expertise throughout the companies. This knowledge pool allows QuasarGeo to apply advancements and lessons learned from existing applications throughout the Quasar Group of companies to its geophysical technologies.