QMax EM3

QuasarGeo has developed a new class of electric and magnetic field sensors and integrated them with the latest generation of ultra-low noise, low-power electronics and data storage systems to create the QMax EM3 ocean-bottom electromagnetic receiver. This innovative, compact receiver is designed to optimize operational efficiencies for survey contractors and produce the highest quality data possible for processing and analysis.

QuasarGeo’s advanced receiver technology unlocks the potential of EM surveys for oil and gas exploration. Developed in conjunction with innovators at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the QMax EM3 lays the groundwork for new approaches to EM surveys.

The QMax EM3 provides increased safety, reliability and operational efficiencies in an easily deployed, commercial-grade instrumentation package that includes vertical magnetic field and electric field data acquisition capabilities.

Benefits of using a QuasarGeo QMax EM3:

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