Operational Efficiencies

The QMax EM3 optimizes efficiencies and safety, enabling survey contractors to achieve faster deployment and recovery times, utilize more receivers, and/or perform more surveys more quickly.

  • E-Field arms not required
  • Designed for reliability and ruggedness
  • Fast deployment, recovery, and turnaround

Unparalleled Performance

Operational efficiencies expedite the survey process and increase the feasibility of utilizing more receivers in a tighter drop pattern for more comprehensive surveys. Employing denser lines or array-style surveys using the QMax EM3 allows survey contractors to offer higher value surveys. Operational efficiencies in combination with enhanced data quality provide robust, high quality results.

Operational Efficiencies include:

  • E-Field arms not required, enabling automated deployment & recovery, greater safety, smaller marine crews and improved reliability (units are customizable to optimize deployment/recovery operations)
  • Capacitive electrodes can wet/dry cycle with no performance degradation and are UV tolerant, which simplifies logistics and improves reliability
  • Compact magnetic coils and rugged electrodes are permanently installed in the receiver, eliminating connectors as well as assembly and disassembly requirements
  • Real-time, pre-deployment, remote system functionality check available
  • Fast sink and rise times (results suggest ~35% faster)
  • Fast turn-around with a hot-swappable battery/memory bottle
  • Greater reliability reduces redundancy requirements and re-drops (ISO standard quality assurance protocols, controlled manufacturing, fewer connectors, inert/capacitive electrodes, pre-deployment system check)