QuasarGeo’s standard operating procedures are designed to ensure high-quality, reliable, commercial-grade equipment. Quality Assurance is achieved through production control and quality control measures, as well as documented manufacturing processes. Both our leadership team and manufacturing personnel are well versed in implementing and maintaining ISO standards from sourcing materials, assembly and integration, to testing. Each step in the process is executed to achieve consistency
and quality.


Plan, Do, Check, Act

  • Plan: Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organization’s policies.
  • Do: Implement the new processes.
  • Check: Monitor and measure processes and product against policies, objectives and requirements for the product and report the results.
  • Act: Take actions to continually improve process performance.

"Quality management systems – Requirements,” Reference number ISO 9001:2000(E), third edition, International Organization for Standardization.