Business Advantages

Quasar Geophysical Technologies (QuasarGeo) is an electromagnetic (EM) instrumentation provider developing breakthrough technologies for survey companies wanting easy-to-use, commercial grade, reliable sensor systems and oil companies seeking the most robust, highest quality survey data. QuasarGeo’s specialization is EM technology innovation, development and production. The company is focused on advancing and supplying sensor systems rather than survey design, fleet logistics, and data inversion and interpretation.

State of the Industry

Electromagnetic instrumentation has been used to probe the subsurface for many decades, but only in the last 25 years have these methods been applied on the seafloor. Work conducted in academic settings, primarily at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California, the University of Southampton in England, and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, in addition to the StatOil R&D Centers of integrated oil companies resulted in sensing techniques that have only recently (within the last 10 years) been applied to commercial surveys. To date thousands of deployments of instruments based on this early work have been performed as part of hundreds of individual surveys by a variety of contractors in virtually every corner of the globe. These data collections have been conducted as part of large operations to search for and characterize hydrocarbon deposits in the sub-seafloor. Published studies of empirical data indicate that over this short period of time the value of EM data acquired has increased dramatically due to improvements in equipment, survey methods, and data analysis techniques. QuasarGeo is poised to enter the sensor system market as an independent supplier of commercial-grade seafloor EM systems that meets the criteria set by both the survey companies and oil companies alike to further enhance the value of EM data.